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Fun with Portable Software - Blogcritics Sci/Tech
Software programs that run completely on removable USB memory drives are all the rage.
Stay up to date with Drupal modules on your site |
Ambrosia's iToner Makes iPhone Ringtones Easy... For Now - Blogcritics Sci/Tech
Ambrosia Software's iToner lets you load custom ringtones onto your iPhone without paying per ringtone.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Another links

Monthly Budget Template for Google Docs
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Interview: Jimmy Berry (maintainer of PIFR) | Drupal Files
Nice server setup helps streamline upgrades. | Drupal, music, food, coffee ...
"Related modules" block for -- Past and Future | Daniel Zhou 周晓丹

Check this out

Drupal sites

Something's Wrong/Lost Forever | Bloodshot Records

Can we Modify Drupal Status Messages? - Vancouver Drupal Development, Alfresco Development and iPhone Development from Appnovation

Author Biographies on Nodes Using the Content Profile and Views Modules in Drupal 6 | Anello Consulting, Inc.
Collecting and using user profile information has always been a popular aspect of the Drupal module scene. The Profile module (part of Drupal core) has always been a relatively straight-forward way of collecting additional profile data about users, but
agile approach | Calais for Drupal 2.0

The new LCDF typetools and TTF files in LaTeX | Universiteit Antwerpen

Leaving notes on pictures a la Flickr with Drupal | Dark Teddy - One geeky bear unleashed in China!

Stargate Atlantis Season 5 DVD | Misguided Thoughts

Let's Ask Marion: Did Oprah's KFC Giveaway Do Us Any Favors? | Living Liberally

Weekly Status Update: 2009-06-07 | Koala

New Drupal Planet Twitter account | Dmitrizone
The personal site of Dmitri Gaskin
"One cell is enough to break Tor's anonymity" | The Tor Blog

Tips for Building Your Online Contest with Strutta -
The Strutta contest platform, for contest or product testing promotions, with UGC (user-generated content), community voting and judging.
Din Tai Fung, Beijing | Appetite for China
I finally made it out to Din Tai Fung, a restaurant which many have claimed to be the crème de la crème for xiǎolóngbāo, or soup dumplings. This xiǎolóngbāo mecca originated in Taiwan, but has since spread to mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan,
116 million people standing up inspires BONO's new song | Make Poverty History

Presented "Ventana Sur" at the Cannes Film Market, a new window for Latin American Films. | Vancouver Latin American Film Festival

Database Access with the VB6 Data Control tutorial
This tutorial provides examples of developing database applications with Visual Basic 6 through the VB6 data control.
Thorough look at PHP's pcntl_fork() |

Wiimote Whiteboard 0.9.7 UIs |

Arduino based RFID Squeezebox Controller | Trileet, Inc | Apps for Palm, Android, iPhone and Sidekick

Man Oh Manny's | Tim Manners

SEO Keyword Analysis: How to Use Data Visualization to Make it Quick and Easy | Tableau Software
We use a number of free tools to collect the necessary data, build visualizations, deliver actionable insights, and set benchmarks. By representing different factors on multiple dimensions of our visualization, we can scan a huge list of keywords and quic
Above the Snowline - the fourth Castle book |

How to Install A Drupal Module (The Correct Way) | Run Drupal

Díky Ameriko | Prázdniny v USA

How The Economic Stimulus Package Will Affect the Nonprofit Sector | OMB Watch

Free screensaver maker from Flash files | Krahne

Magical Music Box alt/w The Golden Road | KDRT 95.7FM Davis

ATG Mini | Intelligent Machinery

Nude photos surface of Academy Award-winning 'Juno' screenwriter Diablo Cody

The Gmail Backup site upgrade | Gmail Backup

Globe Education Online | Troilus and Cressida (2009)

About Gina Cooper |

New York City Wins Sustainable Transport Award | EMBARQ

Want to learn more about Ubercart & e-commerce for Drupal? | Do It With Drupal

Facebook gets more evil |

Clipperz online password manager - Clipperz users: tame your tabs in Safari and Firefox
The first thing most of you do every morning is to open the [Clipperz password manager][home] and start your daily routine by quickly accessing your online services. Just one click on a “direct login” link and you are logged in and,
Without Vision, the People Parish | CLGS

New Yorkers Can't Get Enough Propaganda Art | China Expat - China Expat City Guide
The Asia Society's Art and China's Revolution Exhibit It's safe to say that Chinese art is way past communist propaganda. But don't tell that to America. "Art and
CVS diff with new files: fakeadd | Wim Leers
Limiting, eliminating toxics in our environment is healthy for economy, too | Take Charge On Toxics
Search and Seizure: EFF, ACLU Ask Federal Appeals Court to Reject Warrantless GPS Tracking | Stop the Drug War (DRCNet)
Алтернативна урбанизација у Бору | ИК дијалог
dijalog u SR
THINGS I AM GRATEFUL FOR (for fun) | Peaceful World Conversations
New SEEP Initiative: Microfinance Association Success Standards | Networks
CSI:New York - who will die? | Misguided Thoughts
Has Mollom's CAPTCHA been cracked? |
Scala vs Skalleh | mh
Slash code to drupal conversion, finally done! | eric.openflows
Garland search box is invisible to users | UB Usability Testing
IMDB Will Eat Itself! | COSMODROME
20 Blazing Hot Photoshop Fire Tutorials | Colorfreak
Fire is an awesome element to use in a design, but it can be pretty tricky to create. That's why I created this list of the 20 best Photoshop fire tutorials for you. Have fun learning these techniques, but don't burn yourself! :)
More babies! | chx can not be distracted
How can a business determine its climate change stategy? | Think Brick Blog
Following on from an earlier post , I thought I might elaborate on the five key questions that all industries need to answer in the face of emissions trading and why they are more helpful than any economic modelling to determine the strategy and risks a
Come See the Map of the Revolution! | Working Class Acupuncture
Dr Horrible Wears a Vietnamese Ao Dai Jacket | Wonderflonium
Does Innovation Stem From Corporate Culture? | TimeBack Management
Welcome Lumiera! | the_source
We have a new YouTube channel – check it out | The Galvatrons
If you want to see the behind the scenes of our next album Laser Grafitti – our July 3 and see our videos first, make sure you become a subscriber of our brand new channel:
Pozdravljen svet | TDC
Tips for Buying Refurbished Computers | Teaming for Technology Colorado
RozTracker | Reveries: Cool News of the Day
zircon - Mass Media Constant EP | Protagonist Records
Gates Cuts Airborne Laser Program | The Progressive Realist
Gov. Mark Sanford Compares Accepting Stimulus Money to Child Abuse |
Gov. Mark Sanford (R-SC) continues to try to give a rise to his 2012 presidential hopes by waging war against the stimulus package. Today on the Glenn Beck show, Sanford said that accepting stimulus money was the equivalent of fiscal child abuse.
Userpace I/O et le noyau Linux |
Its all an illusion! | The Music Boat 2010
Turnout, turnout, turnout.... | :: THE (R)ESURGENCE
Plastic almost leads to a fight | Morganonline
Not Reviewing Let The Right One In | mike[space] dot net
On Saturday, I found myself with a hangover, and an evening with no plans whatsoever. Determined not to let the day go to waste, but without any ability to concentrate on some work, I headed off for a run, listening to the Mark Kermode movie review
OASIS. Globe Arena. Stokholmas | LIVERPOOL
Commercial versus Free Power Management Solutions
Encourage Boys to Explore New Interests | Getting Boys To Read
Encourage boys to discover and pursue their interests. Not only will it broadens their horizons to new ideas, but will help build a foundation of esteem and self confidence for a lifetime.
Bicycle trailers for carrying little people |
FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Play of the Day: Bunch Right Skinny Post
Football Outsiders is the internet home for Innovative Statistics and Intelligent Analysis of professional and college football. Our writers, lead by Aaron Schatz, also write Pro Football Prospectus.
Long time no post | DYSPXL
Raves (or just raving mad) for Nationals Park | District of Baseball
Zend Framework, lazy-loaded Dojo Tabs and Javascript | DogHouse Media - Perth Web Design and Corporate Online Development
Internet Explorer is not my friend | CouzinHub
why do I hate internet explorer and debugging it on client projects
Geotagging for aperture | Chris Searle
Three Tough Ladies, One New Play | China Expat - China Expat City Guide
Scene from Heroine Trilogy Let's hear it for composer Guo Wenjing and director Li Liuyi, who are updating Peking Opera with modern staging and effects. Their production Heroine Trilogy, centered around the lives of three of China's
Scalability and Performance Best Practices | CB1, INC.
Julian Uccello - From Richmond Hill to Italia | Canucks Abroad
Tired of Fear | Matt Westgate
Mountain Biking: How to Jump a Log | Adirondack Sports & Fitness
Fixing Windows Mobile task and event reminders | The Poorhouse
Watch outside of U.S. |
If you want to watch videos on or others) and you can't because you don't have an american IP, here's a nifty solution. Download hotspotshield, install it and there you go, no more restrictions for you. And the guys are pretty decent,
Displaying taxonomy as part of the content | Wim Mostrey
13 Most Played Songs On My iTunes | Misguided Thoughts
The Intervideo XPC-RC01 Remote and Linux | Andreas Klöckner's web page
Alright, here's what's gonna happen... | - unix init and low-level libraries
My Ecco shoes are junk |
Planning your OG Site | IDCM Innovations Groups
The first observation you probably made when installing and configuring organic groups is the site level or “master” controls versus the node level or “group” controls. The master controls configure the settings
The Most Awesome Medical Invention of the 21st Century - Here it is... |
bugs with firefox black themes (easy v4.2) | easygestures
Få din egen radio NU | Den Nye Radio
Fiona at One Month | Chris & Naomi Hathaway Home
Strutta CEO Speaking at Vancouver Enterprise Forum Next Week -
The Strutta contest platform, for contest or product testing promotions, with UGC (user-generated content), community voting and judging.
Modifying the vmware BIOS | Bart Jansens
Where to install Drupal 5 Modules | Drupal Dude
Collaborative Drupal song | Dmitrizone
The personal site of Dmitri Gaskin
Drupal Basics--Applying a Security Patch | Opensource, Nonprofits, and Web 2.0
Over the last three or four days, I have had several people ask me about upgrading Drupal to the most recent versions of the software. At this point version 4 is up to 4.7.10 and version 5 is up to 5.5 Upgrading a Drupal site is pretty easy. It is always
Modify php.ini through SSH for Plesk | Misguided Thoughts
All in One Seo Pack | WordPress Polska
autor komponentu: Uberdose tłumaczenie: Jakub Dirska opis: Świetna wtyczka pozwalająca na edycję słów kluczowych i opisu strony (tagi: keywords i description w sekcji meta strony). Zaawansowane możliwości definiowania
Collaborative Drupal song | Dmitrizone
The personal site of Dmitri Gaskin
Mobile Device Detection Module | Making mobile web sites with Drupal
Scheduling Posts using Drupal | Drupal Dude
Zikomo Pictures from Pat O'Connor | Zikomo
FireSnarl | Tlhan Ghun
Drupal 5 Overview - Build a website in 10 minutes | Drupal Dude
BADCamp! | Dmitrizone
The personal site of Dmitri Gaskin
Mini report for building and other activities | Zikomo
5th International Conference on Intelligent Environments (IE’09) | Intelligent Environments Conferences
Prototype Tooltips | Emil Sedgh: booo
Export-Led Growth: The Elephant in the Room | YaleGlobal Online Magazine

Wednesday, 16 September 2009


Lots of thoughts on my new iPhone | Armchair Arcade

March 9: Top Story - Lessons from D.C.’s Catholic-Schools-Turned-Charters | National Alliance for Public Charter Schools
The New York Times examined one of the seven former Catholic schools in Washington, D.C. which have converted to charters this year, in what is now considered “a popular exit strategy for urban paro...
Munin-node Plugin Configurations |

PHP Docblock generator plug-in for Coda | justin hileman dot info
Panic's Coda is my current favorite editor. It's not perfect yet, but they just keep making it better. Coda 1.6 and later support a great plug-in architecture that allows users to tweak the editor's functionality to match their own needs and coding
Update : Panic Coda Drupal plugin - version 2 | Drupal coder

Using the TinyMCE template plugin in Drupal | Schoonzie

Wordpress Plugin Development Beginners Guide | BoyGJ.COM

An ARC2 -> Graph Gear Plugin | Re-mediation Roomy-nation

How to Upgrade from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6 - Step 2: Getting Drupal 5 Upgrade Ready | Be Circle

Prawdziwa historia Hong Kongu... | - reszta to fikcja

Nord Stream jest tańszy od Jamału |

Włączanie sprzętowego przyspieszania grafiki | letwist

Mistrzostwa Polski Północnej w klasie Optimist - Barlinek 2009 | Klub Żeglarski Sztorm Barlinek

Nowa klasyfikacja PKWiU 2008 już wkrótce! | Kancelaria Doradztwa Podatkowego INDEKS

Teeworlds - strzelanka 2d |

Dodaj wypracowanie a zapłacimy ci za nie! | Lektury w
Rozpoczeł się nowy etap w rozwoju naszego serwisu. Tworzymy właśnie dział z wypracowaniam. Mają to być prace naszych użytkowników, które będzie można dodawać automatycznie pod adresem: DODAJ WYPRACOWANIE Pomysł polega na tym by każdy kto doda swoje wypracowanie otrzymał za nie pieniądze. W ten sposób liczymy na otrzymanie większej ilości dobrych prac, które następnie poddamy
Tekst tragedii poprzedzony jest listem dedykacyjnym Kochanowskiego do Zamoyskiego. Przedstawiony jest w tym liście zarys dramatu i chęć uczestnictwa Kochanowskiego w prapremierze „Odprawy”. Prolog
Czy można przeżyć wojnę nuklearną? | - reszta to fikcja


W Piotrówce sport to zdrowie | Strzelec Opolski

Gry przeglądarkowe w natarciu - Quake Live, Tribes, Children of Nile | Gamezilla
Gry w przeglądarce kojarzą się z dwoma wymiarami i rzucaniem pingwinami w dal, ale dziś w Firefoxie, IE i Chrome gra się między innymi w Quake'a. Oto przegląd najlepszych z takich gier.
Jak futbol wyjaśnia świat. Czyli nieprawdopodobna teoria globalizacji. | - reszta to fikcja

Paweł Adamczyk specjalnie dla serwisu! |
MKS Odra Wodzislaw �l�ski ///
Firefox - przydatne wtyczki |

Zagraj we flashową wersję ArmA II i wygraj pełną grę | Gamezilla
Twórcy ArmA II zaprezentowali nawiązującą do tego tytułu flashową grę, w której gracze mogą wygrać prawdziwe nagrody.
Pilot Komputerowy (Pylot) | Mirley - Elektronika i Programowanie

Dlaczego ludzie chodzą w góry | Podaj Dalej

Gdzie aplikować na doktorat? | BioDoktorat

I Włochy porównane do buta z wielką cholewą ze względu na kształt jaki przyjmują na mapie. Opis pięknych włoskich miasteczek i rozpościerającego się nad tym krajem nieba. Autor zapewnia nas, że opowie nam historię o pewnym psie i rodzinie oraz o wielkiej
Nowe Heyah | Telefon Na Kartę
Heyah wystartowało z nową taryfą o zaskakującej nazwie: Nowe Heyah. Co nowego w cenniku:  połączenia do "wszystkich" - 29 groszy, do Play: 79 groszy SMSy - za darmo jeżeli wysyłacie na nr w Heyah i 14 groszy do
Film o judo |

WordPress 2.7 PL | WordPress Polska
Tak szumne zmiany w WordPressie nie mogłyby przejść bez echa w Polskiej Dystrybucji. W związku z tym mamy przyjemność przedstawić Wam kolejną odsłonę niezwykle łatwej w instalacji polskiej paczki WordPress. Przygotowaliśmy dla Was dwie
Testy Addera 6 - wyniki po 7 tygodniach | Adam Krywko

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